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I bought my dream racecar and want to race it, were do I start?2023-03-27T12:40:02+02:00

One of the coolest challenges we can help you with! From getting your racing license in our teaching car to racing your own ultimate racecar under guidance and with the necessary knowledge of how to get around the track safe and learn improving lap times on your own.

I have troubles getting my Sunday classic back on the road, can you help me out?2023-03-27T12:39:49+02:00

From fixing the brakes, wiring and suspension to getting your MOT, contact us and we make sure you car enjoy your classic again!

My kid loves racing, what to do?2023-03-27T12:39:33+02:00

With good connections in the karting and own experience we can get this hobby started even for the youngest ones! You want your kid to have more confidence and knowledge in regular car driving? Just one track day or racecourse is loads of fun and a good experience that lasts a lifetime! Really in to car racing? We walked this pad our own and know where and how to get your kid racing!

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