Maintenance and improvements for your classics and racecars. Whether your radio in your road worthy classic needs fixing or you want your racecar to handle better on track, we can help you out!

Vectras has a thorough understanding on the mechanics and electrics of your classic car, whether you drive it around town to your favorite coffee store or on the racetrack pushing it to its proper limits. Vectras beliefs that nothing beats a historic car that is still used for its purpose. Classics are arty tools not wall paintings.

Restored your beloved classic on your own? But you struggle on the final wiring jobs, or you can’t get the engine started anymore? We’ve helped numerous of project back on the road again right on site from the owner’s garage or by enclosed transport from our workshop.

Main services

Getting your tire wear under control or getting those brakes to work like never before with the adjustment of basic brake balance combined with the right type of brake pads? From test preparation to on track testing and final debriefing, it’s one of the specialized jobs we love to help you out with.

Need a new FIA approved roll cage in your racecar or you want to complete your HTP passport to get your car ready for international race series? Did you buy a racecar that needs short or longtime storage, we can provide selling and buying service and even help with shipping from and outside the EU. Let us take care of the struggles that come with these challenges and enjoy the result!

  • Professional guidance with your own projects.
  • Enclosed transport and connections to specialists.

  • Secured storage and service in MOT and final touches.


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  • Technical racing driver point of view.

  • Connections with race scene craftsmen and suppliers.

  • Humble but straight attitude.

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