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Guidance and advice based on technical vision and personal driving expertise. As second-generation racecar driver, I can help you get on track build op your confidence and improve your car handling even in pouring wet conditions!

From simulator training to racing together at races, it’s all on our service list and our main target is getting you closer to achieving the personals goals you’re aiming for! With sharing personal experience you’re in good company in the racing scene. And if you have a race planed with mandatory pitstop and want to improve your skills, sharing your race time can make racing even more challenging!

Wet conditions, they are challenging, but with some basic physics and tips it can turn out to be the conditions you will outrace your opponents.

It’s often the most frustrating to be in doubt whether the disappointing lap times are related to your personal skills or the car you’re driving in. Especially in this situation the best approach is getting in a two seated race car together, we have a training car available for this purpose.

Main services

If one of your children got their driving license but seems unsecure behind the wheel or you just want that your kid knows the basics of car handling for those rare slippery situations in snow or rain? A few hours on track or a lesson in under and oversteer is sometimes all it takes to get more than average car control! We can facilitate personal lessons in the racing scene witch we be a lifetime experience.

  • Data and video analyzing and the ability to perform a reference lap for you.
  • Coverage of different levels, like track introduction, improving race pace and overtaking skills.
  • Option to join your race weekend by splitting races and perform as a team.


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  • Technical racing driver point of view.

  • Connections with race scene craftsmen and suppliers.

  • Humble but straight attitude.

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