Race Coach

Guidance and advice based on technical vision and personal driving expertise. As second-generation racecar driver, I can help you get on track build op your confidence and improve your car handling even in pouring wet conditions!

Track support

Race car support for modern and historic racecars. We bring your car on the track with secure enclosed transport, and we take care of your car on track with professional tools. After your track time we can service and store your car at our workshop near Zandvoort.


Maintenance and improvements for your classics and racecars. Whether your radio in your road worthy classic needs fixing or you want your racecar to handle better on track, we can help you out! Vectras has a thorough understanding on the mechanics and electrics of your classic car, whether you drive it around town to your favorite coffee store or on the racetrack pushing it to its proper limits.

Vectras beliefs that nothing beats a historic car that is still used for its purpose. Classics are arty tools not wall paintings.


Developing new parts and products with the use of CAD and hand on experience. Mostly single or small series production from flight cases, interior parts to harmonic crankshaft balancer adapters.

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  • Technical racing driver point of view.

  • Connections with race scene craftsmen and suppliers.

  • Humble but straight attitude.

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